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About Health Valley Hospital

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Center

Health Valley Hospitals is an ultramodern Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Center located in Kondapur, Hyderabad. We are reputed and well known for our exceptional orthopaedic services and our ortho department is headed by Dr. Sandeep Prasad, the best orthopaedic doctor in Hyderabad. Since our inception, we have been providing extensive health care services for our patients with international treatment protocols. Personalized patient care is what we aim at. When you visit Health Valley Hospitals, we ensure you to provide world-class health care facilities.


We are providing a wide range of services and we have introduced a special service to provide 24/7 Orthopedic consultants & 24/7 Trauma Consultants, making us a one-stop solution for all orthopaedic needs. Doctors and staff at Health Valley Hospitals are down to earth people with a friendly nature. Expert orthopaedic specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with excellent health care services. Even a common man can get the best possible treatment at very low-cost.

Trusted by 1000's of patients

Our Center of Excellence

Caring for all your family needs.

Hip Replacement Surgery

High-quality Hip Replacement Surgery by our experienced hip replacement surgeon in Hyderabad

Joint Replacement Surgery

Personalized patient care for any joint replacement surgery by our expertise Joint replacement surgeons

Spine Surgery

Exceptional treatment with international standards for all spine problems

Trauma Care

24/7 Trauma Consultant services like no other Orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad

General Orthopaedics

World-class treatment for all musculoskeletal problems from newborns to young athletes and adults

Knee Replacement Surgery

Advanced knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad at very low-cost than other multispeciality hospitals

Pediatric Orthopedics

Comprehensive healthcare services for children by our highly skilled and experienced paediatricians

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A holistic approach for shoulder replacement surgery to retrieve your lost shoulder movements within days

Why Choose Us ?

When you visit Health Valley Hospitals you can expect to receive world-class care. We are evolving as one of the Best orthopaedic Hospital in Hyderabad with international treatment standards to our patients. Our team of orthopaedic doctors are led by Dr. Sandeep Prasad who has 22+ years as an Orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.

24/7 Trauma Centre

We know, every second counts. Introducing 24*7 Trauma care Consultants

International Expertise

Bringing International experience and treatment standards to Hyderabad.

Understanding Common Man

Health Valley Hospitals is a corporate hospital for a common man.

High-End Operation Theatre

Keeping the infections low with high-end laminar operation theatres with well-trained staff.

Orthopedic doctor in hyderabad

We promised to take care… and delivered

Patient Testimonials

  • First time, I met Dr. Sandeep Prasad about 2.5 yrs ago regarding my wife's shoulder injury, it was a complex fracture which he successfully operated & fixed. I found him very capable orthopaedic surgeon as well as extremely gentle, caring & a kind person. I wish him grand success in all his future endeavours.
    Santosh Arora Shoulder Patient
  • I visited Dr. Sandeep Prasad in 2019 with a complicated muscular pain. The pain was persistent for some time and it was affecting my regular activities. Dr. Sandeep did a very good diagnosis and medication. He kept altering the medicines as per my regular communication about my health status. His knowledge about symptoms and patience for diagnosis at every step has helped me to come out of the aggravated condition. My sincere thanks to the doctor for curing pains.
    Shiuli Bandopadhyay Patient
  • Dr.Sandeep Prasad, is an extremely empathetic person. He understands the pain of patience and cure it with supreme sincerity.. Thank You so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients. Me and parents felt better after your treatment. Your Kindness, sincere care and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement. Your skills have made every day of my parents life's better.
    Geeta Singh Thakur Patient

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