Dr Geeta Devi

General physician and Intensivist

dr geeth devi
Dr Geeta Devi
General Physician & Intensivist

Dr. Geeta Devi Yammala is a senior Intensivist with a background of Internal medicine with 18 years of experience mostly from UK. She has served in several healthcare institutes of the UK over a period of 12 years from 2002 to 2014.

Dr. Geeta Devi Yammala has completed her MBBS from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur University and has completed her M.D. in Internal medicine. She showed great promise towards a respectable career with a keen interest in patient care.

She worked on a very unconventional thesis – diagnostic accuracy of vital signs in non-traumatic unconscious patients. In later years, she has published several other literary works. which have been highly appreciated by her peers and have taught and helped young doctors to treat their patients .To her credit In Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery Elsevier, she has discussed and taught about how to understand the simple symptoms of brain damage in patients with impaired consciousness.

She has been trained in West midlands Deanery UK in one of the biggest tertiary care ICU set up of Europe. She has gained enough experience in Cardiac, Neurosciences, Medical, Military, Trauma & Hepatology. She has gained basic Anaesthesiology accreditation from RCOA. Being an academic person has participated in a lot of presentations and she has many hours of teaching sessions to her credit. She has not only been trained in all Advanced life support skills and advanced ATLS. Has attended necessary conferences to gain evidence based approach of treating different patients.

After her return from the UK, She is rendering her services as senior consultant in critical care and General physician in Citizens Hospitals and Health Valley Hospitals, Kondapur Hyderabad.

Dr. Geeta Devi Yammala is presently busy practicing intensivist and Gen Physician showing commitment to her patient care and compassion to the sick. As a Critical care doctor she has achieved a special skill set and experience in treating critically complicated patients with multi organ failures, ARDS, post solid organ transplant patients. She has experience of dealing with solid organ and liquid transplant patients.

Currently works head to head with all recent advanced care in critical care including ECMO. She is training the nursing and paramedic staff and has presented papers in many seminars. She has been training nurses undergoing training in IDCCN and also doctors undergoing IDCCM. She is an active member of ISCCM and likes organising conferences for upliftment of education to next level and enlighten people with latest knowledge and expertise.

You can also see a great humanitarian aspect in Dr. Geeta Devi Yammala. She has volunteered in many community awareness and education programs, Polio camps organized by the WHO. She was honoured as the best voluntary worker in a major earthquake relief programme in INDIA. She has organized health check-up centres, screening cancer clinics & blood donation camps. She has participated in AIDS awareness campaigns. Very generously, she has served in the community for few years after her graduation in INDIA and UK as well.

  •  Organ Transplant CME – Apr 2015
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life support) – Mar 2105
  • TEE workshop – Nov 2014
  • Hospital infection and control –  Sept 2014
  • ISCCM 13th chapter –  Sept 2014
  • Rapid sequence Intubation (RSI course) U.K  – Oct 2014
  • Liver Patient care in Intensive care Unit U.K –  Oct 2013
  • Hospital Life Support U.K –  Oct 2013
  • Difficult Airway Management U.K –  Nov 2013
  • Advanced Trauma Simulation Course U.K  – Aug 2013
  • Basic Intensive care unit course, Nuneaton U.K  – Jan 2013
  • FAST- Ultrasound Course Trauma, Birmingham UK  – Oct 2012
  • Update Advanced Life support, Coventry U.K  – May 2010
  • Paediatric Life Support, Coventry U.K  – Sep 2007
  • Advanced Cardiac Life support course, New York –  Dec 2007
  • Clinical Risk Session Coventry,U.K  – Oct 2006
  • Randomized Control Trial –  Apr 2007
  • Where’s the evidence –  Feb 2007